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Savage Arena Survivors is a new battle royale home shooter Ubisoft. Featuring an exotic island, 40 survivors compete to be the last man standing. However, other players aren’t the only thing you’ll encounter – wild animals roam the map freely and will attack the player at first sight. The game has recently soft-launched in some regions and will soon be on its way to a worldwide release. Although it is a fairly simple game to play, it is difficult to master. In this beginners guide, we’ve detailed a bunch of tips and tricks that can help dominate matches in Wild Arena Survivors.

Choose your initial Survivor

Wild Arena Survivors features a selection of 10 survivors each with their own unique look and playstyle. New survivors are unlocked along the way, so the main choice may vary from time to time. Perhaps with past experience, there may be a few survivors who stand out due to their weapon choices or descriptions. If you don’t know where to go, male is a good start. He’s a balanced option and isn’t too specialized for one playstyle.

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Upgrading survivors is pretty self-explanatory. Playing matches earns currency, which can be used to upgrade through a node-like system. The straight line path is required to move between levels, although there are optional nodes on the sides as well. For the purpose of completion, it is best to take all upgrades in one level before moving on to the next.

Choose the perfect landing spot

As with most Battle Royale games, the first task is to decide on a place to land. Wild Arena Survivors has a large map with a variety of places, landmarks, and land. Sometimes it can be tempting to jump instantly and go to where the straight is, with the goal of trying to get to the ground as soon as possible. It’s a good strategy and ensures you’re one step ahead of looting, but it can also expose you to other unexpected players parachuting into your location.

Savage Arena Survivors Map
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The game has 6 named locations – these will have good booty and will be the most popular attractions in a match. Obviously, there will be more competition here, but for those confident in their skills, landing at one of these places is probably worth it.

For those who are not so confident, the best strategy is to look towards the edges of the map. Then when the circle enters, you are close to the edge of it. This reduces the chances of being surrounded or sneaked up on. There will also be fewer people around the edges and outside the named locations. Of course, the downside is that you’re unlikely to find any good loot.

Loot and upgrade

Looting can sometimes be a bit of a vague word, especially in the context of Wild Arena Survivors. There are many ways to loot, and there are also a few specific items to look for.

1. Harvest the environment

Wild Arena Survivors features a harvesting system that slightly resembles that of Fortnite. The exotic island has random trees, rocks and other plants scattered all over the place and the player can harvest them to get resources. It’s a way to loot and it’s pretty easy to do. For example, walk up to a tree and a ax button will appear. Harvesting usually replenishes HP and adds an upgrade Crystals.

2. Battle Animals

One of the key aspects of the game is the wild animals that roam the map freely. Slaying these beasts will gain HP and upgrade Crystals. Obviously, you probably don’t want to face a buffalo or a crocodile. Although the resource gain is greater, it takes longer to kill and there is a risk of another player showing up as well, which is less than ideal. Some small animals like turtlesfor example, have low HP and are easy to take down in just 1 or 2 shots.

Wild Arena Survivors - Gameplay 1
Picture via Ubisoft

3. Find Crates and Chests

Crates and chests are the best way to find the good booty – especially weapons and support equipment. Opening these will also grant other resources. This way of looting is basically the traditional method of Battle Royale games and is easy to do. Simply walk to the source and use the key button to unlock the loot.

4. Don’t forget updates

After all that looting, you’ll probably have amassed quite a few upgrade crystals. These can be used to upgrade both weapons and support gear. It is strongly advised to keep abreast of these. There’s no point in hanging on Crystals unless there is a specific type of support gear you expect to find.

Master weapons and support gear

The arsenal is a key part of the core gameplay of Wild Arena Survivors. Weapons are obviously the most important feature, while Support Gear is an additional tool that can often make a difference in a match. There are quite a few items in each category, and it’s worth knowing what each does.


Armed Interval weapon skill
Assault rifle Medium A rubber ball
Shotgun close Stunning dashboard
Shovel Melee Unstoppable swing
Bow Long pin arrow
Gun Medium tactical jet
Katana Melee Ascending slash
Chopped Melee Primordial Influx
Riot Shield Melee Ground Blow
sniper rifle Long Scorer

Support items

Support items The description
Grenade Throws a grenade that explodes shortly after landing, dealing massive damage to enemies in its area of ​​effect.
Molotov cocktail Throws a trapped bottle that ignites, causing a short-lived fire that deals damage over time to enemies that touch it.
Health Tonic Creates a temporary healing zone for you and your allies.
room pill Makes you invincible and immune to conditions for a very short duration.
muscle stimulation Increases attack damage for a short duration.
Smoke Grenade Makes you invisible for a long time.
body armor Provides temporary protection against damage.
Wolf Trap Place a long-lasting wolf trap on the ground. Deals damage to the first enemy that walks over it, stunning them and then slowing them for a short time.
Throwing knife Throws a knife that deals damage and slows the enemy.
speed acceleration Increases movement speed for a short time.

Wild Arena Survivors Beginner’s Guide: PvP Mode Tips and Tricks

Meeting another player at some point in the match is inevitable, so it’s important to stay alert and prepared. Combat in Wild Arena Survivors is relatively easy to pick up, but some fights can get quite close. Here are some combat tips and strategies that may be useful to know.

1. Try To Identify The Survivor Of The Enemy

There are 10 survivors in total to choose from, and they all have a distinct appearance. Having even a vague idea of ​​each Survivor and their weapon loadout can be very useful. For example, the Tank carries riot shield and shovel, this can be countered with longer range shots. Conversely, a trapper carries a sniper rifle and a bow. The goal here would be to wait for the shot and then attack quickly during the reload cooldown. Knowing the loadout of other players can be very useful and worth spending some time on.

2. Time Weapon Skills Carefully

Weapon skills can be a game changer in a fight and can be tempting to use. However, it’s important to know that they have a cooldown, and using them abruptly isn’t always the best strategy. A Stunning Dash move stuns the player, buying time to use a support item or quickly harvest a tree. On the other hand, don’t completely forget these movements, they are often useful.

3. Use assistive equipment

Like weapon skills, support gear also has a cooldown, but they are also very useful. Things like grenades and other projectiles come in handy against groups of players/animals. Armor adds a bit more security for a while and is worth activating before any kind of fight. Then there is Speed ​​Boost drinks, smoke grenades, and much more. Use them!

Wild Arena PvP Game
Picture via Ubisoft

4. Use the environment to your advantage

There are bushes around the map in Wild Arena Survivors, and any player inside them is hidden and almost invisible. It’s a great tool to use when trying to sneak up on other players. Additionally, trees and rocks can also be used as cover. Try using these little things – they’ll give a slight advantage in the fight and it might just end up being the difference.

5. Keep an eye on HP

In games like this, health is priceless and in some cases it can drop very quickly. It’s really important to always keep an eye on the health bar and if it starts to drop drastically, it’s probably a good idea to get out of the situation. Try using a weapon skill or support gear to slow down the enemy or speed yourself up. Quickly try to get some HP then backtrack to finish the battle.

6. Use the horse for a quick getaway

Sometimes you might get stuck in an awkward situation, like being surrounded by multiple players, or even animals as well. In a case like this, it might be best to flee the scene. The goal of this game is to survive and fighting against multiple entities is not ideal. Try to buy time to call the horse and use it to quickly get away from danger.

So go ahead and try it! If you’re having trouble, feel free to refer to this Wild Arena Survivors Beginners Guide for advice.

That’s all from us for the Wild Arena Survivors Beginner’s Guide! Did you find our wild arena survivors Beginner’s Guide useful? Let us know in the comments!

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