Wooden design workshop in Portsmouth is the best girls day activity


My college friends and I all live in the New Hampshire/Massachusetts area. We try to meet every few months for an activity, because we are precious like that. We did pasta making, a cooking class, concerts, and our latest adventure was a carpentry class!

I’ll be honest, I never thought I would thrive in a carpentry class. First, there is the fear of splinters. Second, to say I’m not crafty is a major understatement. I can barely draw a stick figure properly! But it’s all in the name of fun so I said “Why not?!”

The time has come for me to select a project from the Board and Brush site. There are so many options!

My friend Shea chose a planter for her porch:

Board and brush via Facebook

Board and brush via Facebook

My friend Jenn chose a welcome sign with pegs:

Board and brush via Facebook

Board and brush via Facebook

Samantha chose a panel with hooks for leashes and other dog accessories. Are you surprised that I know this word? ME TOO!

And then there’s me, who decided to make a “Greenberger Brewing Company” sign for my husband Steven for his birthday. He doesn’t have a man cave yet, but when we buy a house he will (and for now he can live above our mini fridge).

The staff was very helpful. They really walk you through the process, from distressing and sanding the wood, to stenciling, and everything in between. It’s a ton of fun!

I’m so proud of the end result, and I still can’t believe I made it with my own hands:

Board and Brush is a fantastic activity to do for your next special occasion or just a girls day! I went to their Portsmouth location! Learn more and sign up for a class on their website or Facebook page 🙂

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