Would Moon Knight get a movie or a second season?


The following contains spoilers for Moon Knight Season 1 Episodes 1-5, now streaming on Disney+.

The penultimate episode of moon knight took the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a moving place that many fans didn’t think possible. Combined with the previous four installments, this series has proven that the giant franchise can still surprise fans despite the mountains of content it has produced. But with the final episode coming May 4, many fans are starting to wonder what’s in store for Marc Spector’s future in the MCU.

Series director Mohamed Diab and his team have produced a solid run of episodes that have far less filler compared to previous MCU shows. They’re so devoted to a simplified narrative that the finale would be the shortest episode of the season. But just because the end of this season is in sight doesn’t mean it’s the end of this complex hero’s journey. Oscar Isaac will almost certainly return to the MCU, but now that fans know the character, moon knight benefit more from a second season, movie, or just appear in team projects as a son of midnight adaptation?

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Right now, the only Disney+ series that have been greenlit for a second season are Loki and What if…?. For the most part, this makes sense since the other shows were structured more like limited series than true multi-season shows. Compared to Lokiseries like Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Wanda Vision were concluded fairly succinctly and set the characters up for feature films instead of later seasons. It seems that moon knight follows this path with episode 5, titled “Asylum”, setting a decisive conclusion to the mind games waged between Marc and cult leader Arthur Harrow.

Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige compared moon knight at Wanda Vision, claiming that the two main characters take their audience on the emotional journeys they experience. So, in turn, Marc’s arc must land in a similar place to Wanda’s in the sixth and final episode of the season. Looking at the big picture of Marvel’s TV experience, it looks like Fiege and his studio are using the shows to set up the main heroes for future phases of the MCU. You could say they squeezed audiences’ time with characters like Captain America and Iron Man into series for those ancillary characters rather than movies. Just look at what Fiege himself and series director Mohamed Diab have said about Marc Spector’s future in the MCU.

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While audiences raved about the action seen in moon knight, there is certainly room for growth in his future appearances. If the creatives behind the character could get a budget the size of an MCU movie, there would definitely be some slick, stunning visuals placed on screen. But that begs the question of whether or not Marc Spector would benefit from the cinematic treatment. Wouldn’t the movie do well since it’s mandatory for casual fans, or would they just not care and come see Oscar Isaac on the big screen?

Whether moon knight made the transition from television to a big-budget feature film, he would most likely benefit from appearing in another character’s film or in a team-up film. Between Blade beginning principal photography this summer and pre-production on Shawn Levy’s Dead Pool 3 Starting off, there are plenty of more cutting-edge properties that Marc Spector could easily slip into. That being said, fans would most certainly follow a second season after Marc and Layla on another globetrotting adventure.

moon knight is a welcome addition to the MCU’s excellent pantheon of heroes. If Episode 6 pulls off the landing, Oscar Isaac and company will have crafted a solid show that entertained fans and depicted a mental health struggle that didn’t get its due in mainstream media. Whatever the medium moon knight lands next, fans will be there to see what’s next for the character.

To see how it all ends, the season finale of Moon Knight premieres May 4 on Disney+.

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